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Watch: METALLICA's "Enter Sandman" Drum Playthrough with ...

But now, Decrepit Birth drummer Samus Paulicelli goes a step forward in his playthrough video of Metallica‘s “Enter Sandman.” Instead of using drumsticks, Paulicelli pounds his drum kit with dildos, and you can watch the full performance below.

Here's a man playing Enter Sandman with dildos for drumsticks ...

Here's a man playing Enter Sandman with dildos for drumsticks. Well this is just a bit silly, isn’t it? There’s no real reason for this video to exist other than This Is The Internet And This Is What Happens. Of course there’s a video of a man playing drums with two flopping latex todgers, to be honest we’re offended that you even asked.

Watch this drummer play AC/DC's 'Back in Black' using dildos ...

An AC/DC fan has attracted attention online for his unusual drum cover of the band’s song ‘Back In Black’ by opting to use dildos instead of drumsticks.

Watch: Dude Plays Metallica on Drums, Uses Dildos Instead of ...

Watch: Dude Plays Metallica on Drums, Uses Dildos Instead of Drumsticks. Best clip ever, 10 outta 10.

Dex Parker and Sunny D Use Drumsticks As Dildos in Men.com's ...

When Dex rolls in to practice late with a bad attitude, the frontman has to show him who's boss, putting his junk on Dex's skins, then pulling down the drummer's jeans and slipping a drumstick in his hole!

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Is it safe to use a drumstick as an anal dildo? - Quora

Answer: NO. No. And let me repeat it once more for those in the far back: NO! First of all, anything for anal-use has to have a wide, flared base whose circumference is larger than anything being inserted into the anus.

Homemade Dildo Guide - MyToyForJoy

This is for those with a passion for drumming and own some drums or keep drumsticks. You could comfortably use drumsticks as small dildo stand-ins. The sticks are skinny, sturdy, and have a tapered end. To use wooden drumsticks, you can cover them with a condom to protect against splinter.

With one hand and three drumsticks, Cyborg Drummer wants to ...

Cyborg Drummer. Weinberg led a team at the Georgia Tech that created a robotic drumming prosthesis for Barnes. It has motors that power two drumsticks. The first is controlled both physically by Barnes’ arm and electronically using electromyography (EMG) sensors on his bicep.

I [23m] just discovered prostate stimulation... and I prefer ...

I keep the drumsticks on the nightstand like the fucking purloined letter. I say they’re for her. But I can kind of tell she’s not buying it. She knows I’m not as enthusiastic about sex. Fast forward three months. By now I’ve graduated to a full-on cock-shaped dildo stuck to the bedroom wall. Ass up, head down, biting a pillow.